Live-in Care

Live In Care is becoming an increasingly popular as a way of helping our clients cope with the demands of everyday life and maintain overall health and wellbeing.

Live-in homecare services are provided to the clients with long-term disabilities, Alzheimer's, dementia, depression, stroke, heart conditions, & those recovering after an illness or surgery.  Despite challenges of age or illness, NOVA HOME CARE caregivers make it possible for the client to remain in familiar surroundings, participate in community activities, go to church, shop, attend meetings, tend to personal relationships & maintain a normal relationship with family & friends. 

Most of our clients tell us that remaining in control of their own lives is the biggest factor in opting to have a caregiver live in their own homes.

Live-In caregivers provide companionship & personal care to those who should not be left alone but want to maintain their independence & remain in the comfort of their own homes.



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